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Wildhouse Publications exists to bring transformative spiritual insights to people for whom traditional resources may not fit. Maybe these folk are spiritual but not religious. Maybe they are spiritual atheists and agnostics. Maybe they are on the margins of a religious community. Maybe they fit traditional religion just fine but are hungry for more. Books from Wildhouse Publications evoke the spiritual depths of ordinary life for people on a spiritual journey, bringing life-changing inspiration and practical advice for putting inspiration into action.

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Beauty in the Ordinary

Beauty in the Ordinary illuminates the spiritual significance, the existential ambiguity, and the profound beauty of ordinary life. A colorfully illustrated collection of daily readings and accompanying reflections written by the late Rev. Samuel Johnson Lindamood Jr., Beauty in the Ordinary communicates Big Sam’s playful, realistic, humane, and deeply hopeful perspective on modern life. Love and death, forgiveness and friendship, suffering and hope: Lindamood addresses life’s ultimate concerns in his friendly, down-to-earth, and refreshingly honest voice. The book is ideal for Lent or any other season dedicated to spiritual and personal growth. After you’ve worked through the daily meditations, keep the book on your coffee table to share the amazing photographs with others. During his life, Sam’s compassion and wisdom were a profound blessing to his family, friends, and church community; now, through Beauty in the Ordinary, the same compassion and wisdom will be a blessing to anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.

Beauty in the Ordinary is a gift you can give to others or yourself. If you invest even a few minutes to read a selection and savor the beauty of the photography, you will find your soul renewed, your eyes opened, and your heart enlarged. You’ll catch your breath, and the beauty you experience in the book will help you find more beauty around and within you. This book is a treasure: profound, delightful, insightful.” Brian D. McLaren, author of Faith After Doubt

Publication date: December 1, 2020
Print ISBN: 978-1-7360750-0-5
eBook ISBN: 978-1-7360750-3-6

Lost and Found in the Middle

Lost and Found in the Middle is a new, combined edition of two books authored by Wesley J. Wildman and S. Chapin Garner, Lost in the Middle and Found in the Middle. This new edition collects the best of both books into a single revolutionary volume. Wildman and Garner speak to religious and political moderates, people who see value on both sides of the ideological spectrum but struggle to know how to say what’s important to them. This book gives words to the life of the principled moderate, inspiring a way of thinking and living that can create compassionate understanding across the chasms of political and religious difference.

Release date: Spring 2022

Interior Journeys

Interior Journeys: Spiritual Formation of Living Theological Masters is a set of chapter-length spiritual autobiographies of living senior theologians around the world. Each chapter-length narrative describes a fascinating pilgrimage, at times touching or hilarious, and always thought-provoking. Collectively, these stories document the intricate linkages between personal spiritual formation and theological strategies and styles. The theological heroes contributing their stories are richly diverse and all are well known. The culminating chapter is a thematic analysis of the autobiographical statements. An unprecedented work of spiritual autobiography, Interior Journeys affords a profound vision of our living theological masters. Edited by Wesley J. Wildman and John E. Thiel.

Release date: Spring 2023


The Winding Way Home

When Jesse and Alexandra’s youngest child Becca is taken from their home in the middle of the night, a happy family’s life shatters. Jesse’s grief triggers a full-blown psychiatric crisis, which spurs a most unusual spiritual quest in an attempt to find a way to feel at home in what suddenly seems like a cruel world. In the midst of her own trauma, Alexandra is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, further pitching the family into desperation. Jesse’s weekly breakfast with his two sons, along with Alexandra’s determined efforts to fight the erasure of her memories, holds the family together despite the agonizing uncertainty surrounding all of them, and the futility of their ongoing search efforts for Becca. Jesse and Alexandra find themselves drawn into the horrifying world of missing and abducted children and the minds of their captors, and eventually adopt an abduction survivor named Maddy and her young children. Together, they forge a new and expanded family, and create a home where everyone can heal. This is a family saga, a love story, an account of child abduction and its exacting aftermath, a tale of hard-won hope, and a profound exploration of the spiritual potential of ordinary life in the face of the unthinkable.

“Disturbing, inspiring, daring, heartwarming, this is a novel of family, of terrible events, of deep and patient love (the erotic is not neglected), and of ultimate experiences and mysteries. The prose is engaging, the storytelling deft and resourceful, the vision of life opening into a larger vision of Being itself.” — Brian Jorgensen, Professor Emeritus, Department of English, Boston University

“The Winding Way Home is a story about constructing meaning after unspeakable evil renders reality absurd, about the power of love to transfigure traumas that are beyond the reach of healing, and, ultimately, about the immense beauty, unspeakable wonder, and infinite spiritual vitality of everyday life. Providing a searing vision of the depth dimension of human existence shorn of all supernatural obfuscations, it’s a must read, especially for the spiritual but not religious crowd.” — David Rohr, Center for Mind and Culture, Boston

Publication date: July 1, 2021
Print ISBN: 978-1-7360750-4-3
eBook ISBN: 978-1-7360750-5-0

Meet the Publisher

Wesley J. Wildman is an extensively published Australian-American philosopher of religion and public intellectual. He has invested most of his career as professor of philosophy, theology, and ethics at Boston University. He is also a founding member of that university’s Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences, and the executive director of the Center for Mind and Culture, a non-profit research center dedicated to solving pressing social problems using high-tech computing and data-science methods. An ordained Christian minister and preacher, and a mystical philosopher with more curiosity than certainty, Wildman’s unconventional spirituality has made him sensitive to the spiritual struggles of people who don’t draw within the lines of traditional religions, and for whom conventional spiritual resources fall flat. He founded Wildhouse Publications in 2020 to address such people and to fill the associated publication gap, which is already yawning and growing wider as more and more post-religious people seek spiritual insight and support.

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