About Wildhouse Publications


Wildhouse Publications exists to enliven the spiritual quests of people outside or on the margins of established religious and spiritual traditions through books that are thoughtful, accessible, impactful, and practical.

Wildhouse Readers

The number of people in the United States who do not identify with any religion is growing by leaps and bounds. They are an even larger segment of the population in more secular nations. These so-called “Nones” are a complex group, including anti-religious people and people for whom religion is a non-issue. Yet, many of the Nones are on profound spiritual journeys. There are also many people staying engaged with religious traditions even though they’re skeptical about religion. Why? Because it’s their way of nourishing their spiritual lives. At Wildhouse Publications, these are our people—our complicated family, our reason for being. We seek to support their diverse spiritual quests, to inspire and guide, to help and heal by publishing thought-provoking, substantive, practical books by talented authors.


Books from Wildhouse Publications offer practical ways to deepen spirituality and enhance the meaning of our readers’ lives. We publish substantive spiritual explorations that our readers can trust. We aim to build an imprint that is widely respected while helping to advance the spiritual journeys of our readers.

  • WHP non-fiction presents fresh perspectives on a variety of topics in health and wellbeing, ethics, philosophy, theology, religion, and spirituality, drawing on the best wisdom of the past, evoking the beauty in ordinary life, in books that are accessible to a general audience.
  • WHP fiction offers moving, memorable stories that evoke the spiritual depths of life for our readers and open their minds to what is possible in this strange reality we share.


Wildhouse Publications believes that the way we operate matters. We adhere to these key principles.

  • Focus: we care deeply about our audience’s needs, and we do everything with our readers firmly in mind.
  • Flexibility: we are an agile organization and responsive to the changing needs of our audience.
  • Talent: We partner with diverse publishing professionals and with ground-breaking authors.
  • Integrity: we tell the truth, respect our partners, and maximize transparency.

Publishing Model

The Wildhouse Publications imprint curates books for adventurous people with unconventional spirituality. We publish a variety of genres but always trade books and always with our target audience in mind. We want to support gifted authors who also intend to address the WHP audience, even when it is financially risky to do so. We achieve that by means of a flexible hybrid publishing model. The flexible hybrid model encompasses both traditional book publishing at one extreme, where the publisher carries all of the financial burden of bringing a book to reality and authors are paid through royalties, and self-publishing at the opposite extreme, where authors carry the financial burden of helping a book see the light of day and enjoy a higher share of royalties. Many book projects are somewhere in between, with the risk shared between author and publisher. WHP makes the call about where on the flexible hybrid publishing spectrum a project belongs based on the author’s existing platform as well as the probable size and accessibility of the audience for the book project. In this way, WHP can embrace established authors with large platforms, and also welcome newer, untested authors with great ideas into the WHP author family.