Disruption is a Doorway to Creative Transformation

Disruption is a Doorway to Creative Transformation Ours is an uneasy age. Pandemic confusion and isolation, Facebook tribalism, rancorous political divisions and a general distrust of authority are stripping the rivets which have long held our civic life together. Institutions across all sectors are reeling, including organized religion, which has ceded its once unquestioned primacy […]

Author Confession: My Experiences of Traditional Publishing

Honestly, in a word, my experience of traditional publishing has been… mixed. I shall explain. But first I’ll say what I’m talking about. Traditional publishing is when the publisher takes all the financial risks of the publishing process and the author gets royalties, and sometimes an advance against royalties. Royalties are typically low, which makes […]

Meet the Wildhouse Audience

We’re launching the Wildhouse blog by telling you about our audience. If you’re reading this, you’re probably part of that audience, though you might not realize how diverse it is – or should I say, how diverse we are. I once addressed a crowd of non-religious folk, mostly atheists, in an environment where it was […]