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Wildhouse Publications is always looking for talented authors with great book ideas. The way we hear from you is important to us. We look for book proposals with specific characteristics. Here’s what we need to consider your book idea.

First, tell us about your audience. We want to work with authors who know how to identify and reach their target readership. Please be specific about your book’s audience, their characteristics, and how they are reachable.

Second, tell us about your book. We only publish trade books that are accessible and capable of connecting with a specific audience—not academic books, not technical books, not textbooks. Show us in your proposal how your book addresses your audience. Give us the title, a one-sentence summary, a 100-word back-cover summary, a one-page summary, and a detailed description and annotated table of contents in enough detail for us to understand what your book accomplishes. If you have one or two sample chapters, be sure to include them.

Third, tell us about you, the author. Tell us why you are the person to engage your target audience through the book you want to publish. Tell us the story of you and this book idea. Review your qualifications: your education, experience, personal history, or whatever is relevant.

Finally, tell us how you will work with us to get the word out about your book. Tell us about the ways you can connect with potential readers, your social media platform and other tools you have for reaching readers, how you built that audience, and how you will use those tools to communicate about the book.

Please format your proposal in Word or PDF, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman, with one-inch margins on 8.5″x11″ (Letter-size) pages. Send us a single document containing the entire proposal and sample chapters. Submit your book proposal to us by directly contacting an acquisitions editor if you already know one. Otherwise, send it to us through email at:

Career Inquiries

Wildhouse Publications is always looking for talented workers, in acquisitions, production, and publicity. We’ll be straight with you: we want to work with people who genuinely share our passion to support the spiritual quests of our readers. If you’re that kind of person, and have something to offer, part-time or full-time, reach out to us at or use the contact form on this page.

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