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The Wildhouse Publications imprint curates books for unconventional people with adventurous spirituality. We publish a variety of genres but always trade books and always with our target audience in mind. We want to support gifted authors who also intend to address the WHP audience, even when it is financially risky to do so. We achieve that by means of a flexible hybrid publishing model.

The flexible hybrid model encompasses traditional publishing at one extreme, where the publisher carries all of the financial burden of bringing a book to reality and authors are paid through royalties, and hybrid publishing all along the rest of the spectrum, where authors share the financial burden of helping a book see the light of day and enjoy a higher share of royalties.

All WHP books, regardless of where they fall in the flexible hybrid publishing spectrum, are fully vetted through WHP‘s editorial advisory board. WHP makes the call about which segment of the flexible hybrid publishing spectrum can be available for a project, based on the author’s existing platform and the probable size and accessibility of the audience for each specific book project. Then the author selects a deal within that segment. In this way, WHP can embrace established authors with large platforms, and also welcome newer, untested authors with great ideas into the WHP author family. And authors have significant control over the final publishing arrangement.

There are a hundred ways to publish a book these days. WHP is different. We are highly selective, only publishing top-quality books with the potential to touch some part of the WHP audience. And we guide authors every step of the way with a ground-breaking, personalized acquisitions model and a wide range of high-quality services conveniently available to authors. Find out about WHP services below.

WHP Basic Services

All WHP publication projects are supported by an array of services that are best of class in traditional publishing. These services apply in exactly the same way to WHP hybrid publishing, which is virtually unheard of in the hybrid-publishing world.

In both its traditional and flexible hybrid publishing models, to the same degree:

  • WHP is all about the author relationship: WHP does more than publish books; it supports authors and makes them more influential.
  • WHP is all about its audience and mission: supporting adventurous spirituality for unconventional people.
  • WHP is all about the highest standards, from design and production to editing to the quality of ideas. There are no quality differences between the traditional and hybrid publishing models.
  • WHP stands out: contrasts between WHP’s flexible hybrid publishing model and typical hybrid publishers are pronounced.

WHP acquisitions editors are partners for authors. These gifted communicators support authors through visioning, proposal advising, manuscript coaching, and developmental editing. They help authors present the most persuasive proposal and the most compelling book manuscript possible. WHP’s innovative approach to acquisitions sends an important message from the outset: we are focused on our authors, on high quality communication, and on connecting to our audience.

Author Experience: Acquisitions WHP Traditional Publishing
(publisher carries all financial risk)
WHP Hybrid Publishing
(author shares financial risk and receives higher royalties)
Notable Contrasts with Typical Hybrid Publishing Models
Personal relationship for guidance Yes Yes No
Personalized assistance with proposals Yes Yes No
Personalized manuscript coaching Yes Yes No
Editorial Advisory Board vetting Yes Yes No
High writing standards expected Yes Yes No
Strong audience compatibility expected Yes Yes No
Will publish anything for money Not Applicable No Yes, typically
Contracting Flexibility Yes Yes No

WHP’s emphasis on quality begins with great author ideas. But that emphasis is abundantly evident throughout the publication process, and especially in editing. Basic editing services are laid out in the table below. An add-on service for extended editing is available if authors want or need additional help (see below for add-on services). For poetry submissions, developmental editing and line editing are performed by the same editor, who works closely with the poet-author throughout the entire project.

Author Experience: EditingWHP Traditional Publishing
(publisher carries all financial risk and author takes lower royalties)
WHP Hybrid Publishing
(author shares financial risk in return for higher royalties)
Notable Contrasts with Typical Hybrid Publishing Models
Developmental editingYes – highest qualityYes – highest qualityNo
Copyediting (including conforming to WHP style)Yes – highest qualityYes – highest qualitySometimes – quality varies widely
ProofreadingYes – highest qualityYes – highest qualitySometimes – quality varies widely
Personalized editor matchingYesYesNo

WHP authors have serious input on cover design, interior design, and book title, which are then produced by gifted professional designers. WHP offers design advice on diagrams and photographs and offers an add-on design service to recreate diagrams and skillfully edit photographs (see below for add-on services). These kinds of support are rare in typical hybrid publishing models.

Some elements of WHP’s production process are handled the same by all reputable publishers: ISBN assignment, metadata management, e-book conversion. WHP also registers copyright with the US Copyright office for US authors. And WHP uses the highest quality materials and printing.

A critical aspect of any book project is getting the word out. WHP handles basic marketing activities and also offers a suite of extended marketing services as an add-on (see below for add-on services). If you hire your own publicist, WHP will work closely with them throughout the publishing process. WHP can also help you find a suitable publicist.

The only difference between WHP Traditional Publication and WHP Hybrid Publication is whether the author shares the risk of publication with the publisher. If so, the author gets higher royalty payments. Every other aspect of the publishing process is identical. While author preferences are appreciated, the final decision about publication model is made by WHP in conversation with the Editorial Advisory Board about the risk of publication and the accessibility of the target audience.

Author Experience: FinancesWHP Traditional Publishing
(publisher carries all financial risk and author takes lower royalties)
WHP Hybrid Publishing
(author shares financial risk in return for higher royalties)
Notable Contrasts with Typical Hybrid Publishing Models
Author shares financial riskNoYes – variesYes
Author receives higher royaltiesNoYes – variesYes
Author receives 5 free copies of bookYesYesOften
Author can order extra copies at costYesYesNo – usually only discounted

Basic Services Pricing

Traditional publishing projects: all basic publishing services are included, and royalties start at 5% of net revenue on each copy sold.

Hybrid publishing projects: as of 2020, for standard black-and-white printing and no special editing, design, or production complications, WHP can publish an 80,000-word book with the highest quality editing and production for US$9,900. If the author pays the entire publication amount (full hybrid), royalties are set to 45%. If half the cost of publication is carried by the author (half hybrid), the cost is $4,950 and royalties are set half-way between traditional (5%) and full hybrid (45%), that is, 25%. WHP sets the range of options based on advice from the editorial advisory board. Authors then select the arrangement they prefer within that range.

WHP Add-on Services

It is becoming more common for hybrid publishers to offer some of the services that WHP offers but virtually none offers all of them. Moreover, in traditional publishing, authors are entirely on their own to find high-quality services when they need some extra help. WHP helps authors embarking on both types of publishing journey by curating and supplying the highest quality add-on services available. For information about add-on services, see here.

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